Welcome to the SchotZe Space Engineers Server website!

On this website we will give you a detailed overview of the structure and the concept of the server and provide you with all the important information you need to be successful on SchotZe!

We recommend playing on our server mainly for players who have some experience with Space Engineers already. Especially at the beginning you will be confronted with energy and resource bottlenecks and will only have solar energy at your disposal for the time being.

The concept of our Server provides a two-world concept. This means that there are two independent servers, each connected by a jumpgate. On both servers there are completely different circumstances (e.g. resources) to promote interaction between the inhabitants of both worlds and to provide the appropriate environment for different types of players. Interaction between both worlds can involve both positive and negative actions.

The astrological background of both worlds is a galaxy with a center and the outer space. Below is a description of the two worlds "Proxima B - Galaxy Core" and "Proxima B - Outlands".

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Servers - Galaxy Core & Outlands

Galaxy Core

Server Name: | Harsh Survival
World Name: Proxima B - Galaxy Core
Target group: Players who mainly want to live peacefully
Description: The Galaxy Center is a sovereign galaxy state and is controlled by the Interstellar Police Agency (IPA). This institution monitors all public stations and carries out regular checks at these. The most important buildings in the Galaxy Center are:

  • KSC Dramstad: The shipyard. New players spawn here and can buy their starting ships
  • KST Artemis: The Trading Station. Players can trade goods here, also it provides the important circuits
  • Jumpgate Ursae IX: Jumpgate to the Outlands

  • Astrology: The Galaxy Center consists of an evenly distributed number of asteroids in an infinitely large space. Furthermore there is an earth like planet (120km) and a moon (40km).
    License Terms: In order to maintain public order, strict licensing regulations govern most of the activities of the residents. Licenses can be purchased from the KSC Administration (Admin). Below is a list of all licenses to be purchased and their costs:

  • Weapon licence: This licence is ship-bound and allows the owner or pilot to attach sharp weapons to the ship and to use them in a dangerous situation. Licenses must be purchased manually from an admin. Interior turrets do not need a weapon license.
    Costs (small ship): 250.000,00 Cr (1 to 5 weapons) / 10.000.000,00 Cr (5 to infinite weapons)
    Costs (large ship): 3.000.000,00 Cr (1 to 5 weapons) / 30.000.000,00 Cr (5 to infinite weapons)
  • Dealer license: This license is required if players want to open an own trading post. Its automatically purchased when opening a player trade zone. The price is calculated due to the radius of the trading zone and ranges from 200.000,00 Cr (50m) to 30.000.000,00 Cr (1500m).

  • Trade and Resources: Over the decades, some types of resources have been declared exhausted in the Galaxy Center. These resources can no longer be found naturally (mining). These resources include uranium, which is why the energy sources in the Galaxy Center were almost exclusively converted to solar energy and battery technology. The depleted resources also include cobalt and platinum. All types of Circuits (Weapon Circuits, Tool Circuits) are only available at the Artemis Trade Station in Galaxy Center.
    Jumpgate Ursae IV: The jumpgate Ursae IX is one of the most guarded places in the Galaxy Center. Regular checks of the IPA and gun turrets are to prevent raiders (bandits from the outlands) from entering. The IPA itself does not enter the Outlands, which is why it is can be seen as a lawless area. In order to pass the turrets safely, the player needs a Jump-Card which enables peace between KSC and the player faction.


    Server Name: | Harsh Survival
    World Name: Proxima B - Outlands
    Target group: Players who are focused on PVP and (inter)action
    Description: The Outlands is the area in space behind the Ursae IX jumpgate. No laws apply here and the IPA does not carry out any controls. With resources already exhausted in the Galaxy Center, outlands are often the target of traders or importers, which at the same time favors raiders (the players who mainly reside in the outlands) who hunt down corresponding players. There's only one station in the Outlands. This is mainly used to carry out commercial transactions or prepare ambushes. The stay on this station is very dangerous and only recommended armed. Other structures are mostly black market centers built by players.
    Astrology: The Outlands consist of a very thin but evenly distributed number of asteroids and a denser asteroid belt in the center. The radius of the Outlands is limited to 500km to promote PVP and avoid player hiding forever in this lawless world.
    License Terms: There are no official license terms in the Outlands.
    Trade and Resources: Due to the once very high illegal production of weapon systems and ammunition, magnesium can be regarded as largely exhausted. In the past, this increasingly led to Raiders passing the jump gate to get the resources they needed from the Galaxy Center. In addition, the Outlands have no stocks of ice, which is why this valuable commodity is only available there as imported goods. All types of Circuits (Weapon Circuits, Tool Circuits) are only available at the Galaxy Center.



    These are the rules you have to follow, otherwise you will get banned.

    1. No exploiting, glitching or hacking.
    2. No ramming of ships or stations. Grid missiles also count as ramming.
    3. No grinding/shooting on serverstructures. (e.g. Shipyard)
    4. No spamming in game chat. Use teamspeak or discord for help, support and offtopic.
    5. RP between players in direct chat. Global chat acts like a radio for global announcements.
    6. Ships and structures have to be built at least 20 km away from serverstructures. (e.g. Shipyard)
    7. Ships and structures have to be renamed to 'player_shipname'. (e.g. Freddy_HermesMKI)
    8. Ships and structures have to contain a beacon. Otherwise they will get deleted at server cleanup.
    9. No pasting of links, IPs or other media advertising other Space Engineers servers.
    10. It is not allowed to park your ship inside a safezone when going offline.
    11. It is not allowed to push or tow ships and structures out of safezones.
    12. Bypassing a trading ban (e.g. leaving the faction) will result in a ban.


    This is the law or the 'roleplay rules'. Follow them or not, you choose your role but you have to live with the consequences in game. Comitting one of the following crimes can lead to a fine, a trading ban** or the loss of a peace proposal* between KSC and you.

    1. Murder, robbery or damage to any property owned by other human beings.
    2. Buying ammunition from a non licensed trader.
    3. Not obeying IPA's staff instructions.
    4. Not turning on your antenna at the Trade Hub.
    5. Setting up more weapons than your license allows.

    SOFTRULES are enforced by Interstellar Police Agency. That means that these rules only apply in the Galaxy Center. In The Outlands there are no rules at all. You are definitely not save there. Watch out!

    *Loss of Jump Permission: KSC will declare war on you which means that turret towers at the Core Jumpgate will start firing you.
    **Trading Ban: You and your faction will get blacklisted from the trading zone which means you cant enter it anymore and will be dependent from player traders.


    Please follow the block limits. Grids not following these limits will be deleted without warning. Attempts to bypass the limits will result in a ban.

    Maximum blocks 20000 (per faction)
    Maximum blocks 20000 (per grid)
    Refinery 2 (per player)
    Assembler 2 (per player)
    Blast Furnace 1 (per player)
    Drill 4 (per player)
    Welder 4 (per player)
    Grinder 4 (per player)
    Hyperdrive 1 (per player)


    Dedicated Server

    CPU Intel I7-4770K - 3,50 Ghz
    HDD 2x SSD SATA 240 GB (RAID)
    RAM RAM 32768 MB DDR3
    OS Windows Server 2016 R2
    Bandwith 1 Gbit/s-Port
    SEDS-Software Torch
    Backup Interval 30 Minutes
    Backup Storage 48 hours


    Mechanic - Frontier Economy
    Adds virtual currency and trading zones to the server.
    Mechanic - Offline-Safezones
    Adds Offline-Safezones to the game. No more offline raiding.
    Mechanic - Large Solar Panels
    Adds extra large Solar Panels to the game.
    Furniture - Kitchen
    Adds a collection of different kitchen furniture.
    SchotZe Modpack - Galaxy Core
    Adds new components, weapons and jumpgates to the server.
    SchotZe Modpack - Outlands
    Adds new components, weapons and jumpgates to the server.


    < 10€ Supporter
    - Donator Badge
    - Donator Badge
    10€ + Recruit
    - Donator Badge
    - TBA
    Powder Monkey
    - Donator Badge
    - TBA
    20€ + Admiral
    - Donator Badge
    - TBA
    - TBA
    - Donator Badge
    - TBA
    - TBA
    35€ + Commander
    - Donator Badge
    - TBA
    - TBA
    - TBA
    - Donator Badge
    - TBA
    - TBA
    - TBA


    Here we list the most important commands and instructions for our server.

    Faction Safezones

    On our server we implemented a faction safezone system. This feature will spawn in a safe zone around your faction's stations when all the faction's players go offline. If there are any grids within the same faction within 500m. of each other, they will be grouped together and only 1 zone will spawn around the whole group. This WILL include small/large grid ships. For example, if there is a station by itself, the zone will only cover the station. But if there is ship within 500m of that station, the zone will extend beyond the ship so that your ships can get covered as well. Don't have a station nearby your large ship, no problem, just convert the ship to a station before you log off so it will get a safe zone. REMEMBER, only stations will be the center point of a safe zone. If multiple stations are within 500m of each other, the largest station of the group will be the center of the safe zone, so keep this in mind. If enemy grids are nearby, default 800m, that faction station/surrounding area will not get a zone because of nearby enemy grids. THIS ALSO INCLUDES FACTION ALLIED GRIDS. This is to prevent rage quiting when being attacked by enemies in hopes to protect their stuff. If a station is unable to get a safe zone because of nearby enemies, it will continue to try until threats are gone.:

    Faction Safezone commands:

  • /checkzones This will tell the faction memebers via chat if a ship/station will NOT be covered by a safe zone and why.
  • /unfuckit Cut/Paste faction owned grids back into same location in an attempt to fix bugged grids. Can also use /keen!
  • /convert Can be ran by any player and used to convert any faction owned grid either from a ship to station or vise versa. Must be in a seat.
  • /enablezones Can be ran by any faction Found/Learder to enable safe zones to spawn again for their faction.
  • /disablezones Can be ran by any faction Founder/Leader to disable all their safe zones and keep them from spawning.

  • Note: If there is any grids that you don't want a safe zone to spawn, just add [nozone] anywhere in the grid's custom name..

    Jumpgate Ursae IV

    Using the jumpgate is very easy. Here are the necessary steps:

  • 1. Build a hyperdrive and a medbay on your ship
  • 2. Charge the Hyperdrive with sufficient power
  • 3. Move your ship close enough to the Jumpgate (<100 meters)
  • 4. Select the hyperdrive in your terminal
  • 5. Click on "Hyperjump"
  • 6. When you spawned on the other server, just suicide and spawn on your medbay

  • Note: Click only ONCE on "Hyperjump", otherwise your ship can get deleted. We do not guarantee that attached small ships will be transferred to the other server. There is a small chance that the ships will stay on the departure server and will have to picked up. We wont refund any lost ships.

    Frontier Economy

    With using the 'Frontier Economy' mod on the server we offer you a broad range of economic systems. There are tradezones, shipsales and even players can create their very own trading zones and sell goods there. We will only list the basic commands here. For a complete list of all functions and commands visit this website.

    /bal Display your current balance.
    /pay # X Y

    Pay player #, X amount of money, for Y OPTIONAL reason. Example: /pay fred 100 you are awesome

    /buy # "X"

    Buy item from nearest market, amount to buy #, buy item "X". Make sure to specify the exact item name using quotes. Example: /buy 10 "uranium ingot"

    /sell # "X"

    Sell an item to nearest market, amount to sell #, item to sell "X". Make sure to specify the exact item name using quotes. Example: /sell 10 "uranium ingot"

    /sell # X Y# Z Offer to sell an item to another player. Amount to sell #, item to sell "X", price to offer item for Y, player to make offer to Z. Make sure to specify the exact item name using quotes. Example: /sell 1 magazine 10 AlbiTheReal. Sell offers will automatically expire if the buyer doesnt buy them.
    /sell cancel Cancels a sell offer if it hasn't completed yet.
    /sell accept Accept the offer and purchase the offered items.
    /sell deny Rejects a sell offer
    /worth Shows the calculated value and the selling price (if there is) of the targeted ship or station
    /buyship # Buys the targeted ship for the # amount of money it has been for offer.
    /sellship # Ship will be for sale for the # amount of credits.

    Beginner guide

    You would like to know how you can have a good start on our server? In this section you can find a few tips and tricks on how to start succesfully on the SchotZe Server.

    --- You will find the beginner guide soon here ---